Step-by-Step Guide to Obtain your UDID on your iOS Device

We talked extensively about UDID and its significance for your phone in another article.

Now, we are going to show how to obtain your UDID. Do bear in mind once again that your UDID is unique to your device. In other words, with each iOS device comes a UDID.

How to obtain your UDID?

The primary method is the Computer method. This is also referred to as the method of obtaining your UDID via iTunes.

The first step to this is to connect your device to your computer and go ahead to iTunes. On selecting your device, a page will display your phone details, such as Capacity, Phone Number, and Serial Number. When you click on your Serial Number, it will switch to UDID (identifier), and voila! you have your UDID.

The downside to this method is that you cannot mainly copy and paste it compared to the first one. You can only see it, so if you want to write it down or type it all out, this is the way to go.

Another method is using service. Once on the website, tap “Get your UDID now.” A pop-up message will show that you’ve just downloaded a configuration profile. After this, go to your device Settings , go to ‘Profile downloaded’ and tap ‘Install.’ After entering your passcode, the profile will be installed. Once done, it will take you to a page showing you your UDID (as well as your IMEI number). You can either copy and paste to save somewhere in your notes or send to your email or other platforms as well.