Reasons Your IMEI Number Should Be Made Personal

Would you issue out your credit card details such as CVV (card verification Number), your OTP (one time pin) or your debit card number out to a stranger?

Details like these are confidential therefore, you will invariably be suspicious if anyone inquires of it because even your bank financial service provider will never ask you for such details. In the same vein, your IMEI number is like a treasure, sadly many people are unaware of how important the IMEI number on their mobile phones are thus, they are oblivious why the number should be kept personal.

Our mobile phones are an intrinsic aspect of our lives, incorporating much information for us to digest and so much we cannot digest. Apart from the regular information we identify with, such as our gallery, file Manager Contacts and messaging, each mobile phone possesses its very own International Mobile Equipment (IMEI) number. This number is usually 15 digits and provides valuable information about the make, model specifications and the location of the device amazing right? This implies that a carrier can look at the device and be aware of what the device can be able to do.

The ability of the IMEI number to track down and secure lost or stolen phones is one of the primary reasons they should be kept personal. When unethical individuals get hold of your IMEI numbers such as thieves or hackers, the result may be disastrous because they can use the number to carry out evil intentions making you lose your phone’s usability and functionality. This can make your mobile phone vulnerable because they can hack it. Researches have revealed that your phone could get traced in a network using the IMEI. So it will be worth it to not spread the IMEI number in public or to a third party.

This number is usually unchanged when there is a switch of sim cards so we can still track the mobile phone when the SIM cards change. How? The IMEI number helps detect the phone’s location and detects a nearby connection. According to, “The IMEI number permits providers to see if your device has been stolen or lost as all numbers are connected to a nationwide database in the UK. So, when a mobile phone is reported to be lost or stolen, it gets blacklisted so that it can be flagged if it’s brought to be unlocked or sold”.

In sum, the IMEI number is a protector in times of emergencies, similar to your credit card details it gives vital information such as your location out. So, we are certain you’ll think and look very hard when next anyone asks for your IMEI number. You can simply input *#06# in your phone’s dialer to check yours on your Mobile phone.