How a Mobile with an IMEI Number Can Benefit You

There are several ways to maximize your mobile phone’s security, so it is essential to take advantage of them. One way that is common to all is using the PIN code of your SIM card, which is excellent. Another code that can be very useful is the IMEI code of your mobile phone, which we will focus on. Some of you may ask, ‘what is an IMEI?’, ‘what is it used for?’, and ‘where can it be found?’. Here are the answers.

What is an IMEI code?

The IMEI (or International Mobile Equipment Identity) code is the number that identifies a mobile device (mobile phone or tablet using the mobile network). It comprises 15 to 17 digits, and it is a unique identification number: each mobile has its code. The IMEI is like your phone’s ID card. Better to keep it in a safe place and not lose it because it can be beneficial.

What is the IMEI code for?

Mobile operators use the IMEI code to authorize (or not) access to their network to a mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

The IMEI, A Code Necessary to Unlock Your Mobile

The IMEI code is essential to unlocking a mobile phone. Indeed, if you bought your phone with a mobile plan with commitment, it may be locked on the network of the operator who sold it to you. Here, your mobile will ask you for a network unlock code when you insert the SIM card of an operator using another network. To retrieve this unlock code, you will need to communicate the IMEI number of your phone to the operator from whom you bought your mobile.

Thus, when you declare the loss or theft of your mobile to your operator so that it suspends your line, which makes the SIM card unusable, you can ask him to block your mobile phone. All you have to do is send over the IMEI number of your mobile. Once your phone is blocked, no SIM card, whatever the operator or the network used, will work on your mobile.

Warning: this action is irreversible. If you find your phone, you can no longer use it either.

If you buy a used mobile from a private individual, you have the option to check if the IMEI of the phone is not registered based on the blocked IMEI numbers. This list of blacklisted IMEIs is available online.

Where to find the IMEI code for your cell phone?

The first solution to get the IMEI code of your mobile phone is to type the following code on the keypad of your mobile: * # 06 #. The IMEI code will then appear automatically.

Otherwise, the IMEI code is indicated on the box that contained your mobile phone or on the back of the mobile’s battery. However, the battery must still be accessible (which is not the case with the iPhone, for example).

On an iPhone, the IMEI code is very often showed directly on the back of the device. An iPhone holder can also find his IMEI number directly on iTunes by connecting the device to a computer or on the Apple site by entering his identifier then clicking on the “Devices” section.

You can also find your mobile’s IMEI code on the purchase invoice if you haven’t thrown it away.

And what if you no longer have the box and the invoice? You can also use service to get your IMEI number (as well as UDID). You can see the step-by-step guide on how to do this here.